Many internet connectivity problems can be solved by rebooting the devices that connect you to the internet. 

The following check list should help you decide what to reboot.

1) Have a look at the main devices that connect you to the internet.  This could be only a single device or sometimes two devices (a modem and router).  You should look at the lights on the devices.  The pictures below show some popular devices and what they should look like with a working service.

Draytek Routers

Draytek Modems

Unifi USG Routers

2) If you have checked your router (and rebooted it) and the lights seem to show the circuit is active then the problem is almost certainly internally in your network rather than the internet connection.  You should check:

  • Are you on WiFi?  If you are try from a wired connection, if it works then you have a WiFi problem, check the WiFi on your devices
  • Are you on a Wired connection?  If you are try from a wireless connection, if it works then you have a problem with your wired connection check more steps below.

3) You can use the command line tool on a PC to troubleshoot further.  We recommend doing this with a wired connection. Try the following:

  • Open a command prompt (Press the windows key and type "CMD")
  • Type ipconfig, press return and look what IP you have (you may have to scroll around).  See below for an example:
  • The IP should could be anything but normally is in the format 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x or 172.x.x.x

  • If the IP is 169.x.x.x then your device has not picked up an IP properly.  You either have a problem with your device or your DHCP server or your internal network